Reggio Community Donates Towels and Books to Hartford Homeless Shelter

Third and Fifth Graders Worked Together to Make a Difference in the Community
Posted on 09/29/2017
Students creating posters to advertise our towel and book drive

In the beginning of the school year, the third and fifth grade students heard about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and wanted to help. They researched what they could do to help the most people. They began planning a change drive to benefit people in Texas whose homes were flooded by the hurricane.

The students wanted to help our local communities, too. The students decided to do a double project with a change drive for people in Houston and and book and towel drive to benefit a homeless shelter in Hartford. The students named this project Helping Houston and Hartford.

The third and fifth grade students collaborated to advertise the book and towel drive. The students wrote a script, recorded, and edited a video about the drive, made posters, and created flyers.  

In the end, our Helping Hartford campaign collected 60 towels and hundreds of books! These goods were donated to a Hartford-area homeless shelter. They will benefit many people in our community.